Chapter 13

Restoring Your Financial Stability

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debts over a three to five year time period. A good Chapter 13 plan will let you keep your home if you’re facing foreclosure. The amount you’re behind will be caught up over the life of the plan, usually without interest.

A Chapter 13 plan is able to strip off second mortgages when there is no equity backing the loan. A plan can also “stretch out” car payments, often lowering interest and most of the time lowering payments.

Chapter 13 plans will help you pay income tax liability over time and stop interest and penalties from accruing while you do. A plan will allow you to pay your bankruptcy attorney over time so there are little to no fees up front.

In addition to the above benefits a Chapter 13 plan will allow you to protect co-signors, manage your student loan debt and pay other debts what you can afford based on your budget as opposed to under the terms your creditors are demanding now. As with any bankruptcy, immediately upon filing your case creditors must stop all collection activity including: foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments and levies.

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√ Car Repossession 

√ High Interest

√ Large Penalties

√ Garnishments

√ Levies

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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